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about-me-1My professional journey as an Educational Psychologist has taken me down many interesting and very rewarding paths. I chose the profession of educational psychology because of my deep interest in both psychology and education as well as my desire and love of working with children. My early work was focused on diagnostic assessment and planning educational remediation as well as working with teams of teachers and principals at school sites. I was also on staff at one of the very first preschool intervention programs in the country for children with delayed language development who were at risk for academic difficulty in elementary school.

A few years into my career, I agreed to accept a position at Children’s Hospital in San Diego. There, I was involved in counseling with children and adolescents as well as diagnostic work.   I also implemented a learning disability clinic, which was well respected. While there, I supervised psychology doctoral students in test administration and interpretation.

about-me-2I established an independent private practice many years ago. I provide in-depth evaluations as well as do hands on intervention and remediation with` students. Interacting with families and assisting children with educational improvement has been an especially important focus of my career. I also assist parents in both local and in distant school searches when families are moving to a new home. It has been a particular joy to have former clients come for re-evaluation as adults. In numerous instances, I have been involved in helping a dyslexic student unlock the keys to reading and move on to success in the mainstream and then return for evaluation as a successful adult applying for a professional school.

For over twenty years now, I have also consulted to a very well respected college prep school. I provide teacher training, academic screenings to help teachers pinpoint intervention strategies, and work closely with the learning assistance teacher to plan remediation for students.

My husband and I realized that many high school students benefit from a trained academic coach to assist with organization and study skills. We hired and trained college students to be in home tutors for high school students who needed assistance. Many students benefitted from this assistance.

A number of years ago, I was given the opportunity to train and coach teachers throughout the United States. I love to travel and meet new people so this was a natural for me. Knowing that by training teachers, I was able to impact the lives of many more students was very important to me in accepting this consulting position. Even when working with groups of recalcitrant teachers, I found ways to inspire and motivate teachers. Many teachers told me that my training was the best they had ever received and that they felt so much better equipped to teach following the training. I also did one-on-one coaching with teachers in order to support their continued professional development.   I was noted for my warm manner and sense of humor, which enlivened training sessions.

For the past two years I have been involved in founding and supporting a start up special education school. I had watched a young boy struggle mightily in his public school, making little or no progress despite the parents’ and my best efforts to assist the public school to improve the school’s educational practices. I vividly recall suggesting to the family that starting a private special education school would be important not only for this boy but also for many children in the area who were in need of educational best practices. Taking a giant leap of faith in me, the family decided to embark on establishing a premier private special education school. Working with the family from the ground up on everything from finding an appropriate site, designing classrooms, furniture, etc. to hiring a school director was challenging and has been immensely rewarding including the time I spent assisting with administration and overseeing implementation of the curriculum and instruction for the inception of the school.

My husband is an educational administrator and consultant. We are proud parents of a son who received his B.A. at UC Berkeley and his M.F.A. at USC. He is a film maker. Our daughter, a physician received her B.S. and M.D. from Stanford.

I am passionate about my work. With my broad range of knowledge and experience, I am especially skilled at problem solving and identifying other resources in addition to my own services.

I welcome the opportunity to dialogue about services which I may be able to render. Please feel free to contact me.