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Consulting Services


I have extensive experience and expertise in school consultation. The following are services in which I specialize:

  • Start up school planning and implementation
  • Teacher training
  • Teacher coaching
  • Curriculum selection and implementation
  • Integration of technological support
  • Designing and implementing of data collection systems
  • Developing individual learning plans
  • Recruitment of faculty
  • Parent and community outreach
  • Administrative planning and decision making



My previous experiences include the following:

  • Assisting in founding of a start up special education school
  • Recruiting and hiring administrator and faculty
  • Developing and implementing comprehensive evidence based school curriculum data collection
  • and technology support
  • Extensive teacher training and in-depth coaching through out the United States, which include the following organizations:
    • Los Angeles Unified School District
    • Providence, RI Public Schools
    • Suburban Chicago, IL Schools
    • Pleasanton, California Public Schools
    • Urbana, Illinois Public Schools
    • Denver, CO Public Schools
    • Nyack, New York Public Schools
    • Boston, MA Public Schools
    • Suburban Phoenix, AZ Schools
    • Charles Armstrong School for Dyslexia in Belmont, CA
    • Emerald City School, Seattle, WA
  • Professional References available upon request