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consulting-services-2An evaluation can further assist parents in determining the best academic environment for their child, as well as to identify possible remediations, tools, and/or accommodations which may be beneficial for their child. A comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation entails interviews with parents to obtain a complete medical, developmental and school history. Several hours of individual one-to-one testing are required to complete the evaluation which entails thorough examination of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, memory, attention, processing speed, visual spatial abilities and graphomotor skills as well as complete academic assessment. Following the testing, a conference is scheduled with the family to review all findings and then write a complete narrative report of findings and recommendations. I am also available for school consultation and observation.

When students have had an IEP, or 504 Accommodation plan, or have received accommodations in private school, a re-evaluation before college is recommended to up-date testing and continue eligibility for services and accommodations in college and again before registering for tests for professional schools such as the LSAT, MCAT, GRE, etc. I provide these updates.